Now through the end of October is a great time to purchase FloWav’s Phaser V1000! All units are currently 20% off as we make room for 2021 inventory!!!!!

The Phaser Model V1000, accurate, non-contact Doppler velocity sensor introduces digital Doppler radar velocity-sensing technology for use in measuring surface velocity of sewer, water systems, rivers and streams. The Phaser V1000 eliminates problems with currently available hand held type portable velocity systems, including measurement of velocity at low (<2”) depths. The Phaser V1000, while new to the open channel flow metering industry, has been in use for over 10 years in hydro-logical projects and other related systems. Experience in the past year with flow service providers shows they prefer using the Phaser V1000 over other hand held devices in the market. The Phaser V1000 works hand and hand with FloWav sensors such as the StingRayPSA-AV and Shortboard 2000 units making a toolbox full of accurate flow monitoring equipment for use in SSOSSES and I & I projects.