Utility and service firms are looking for safer ways to maintain equipment and conveyance systems, especially now when time and manpower can be diminished. The flexibility provided by the Mantis enables crews to inspect material and equipment without direct physical contact by an employee.  

Duncan Parnell, a valued FloWav partner recently took the improved Mantis to several customers and received great feedback. Their top comments centered around the

Ease of Use – Platform Flexibility (IOS & Android) – Durability and Toughness – Ability to Screen Shot While Capturing Video and Battery life.

FloWav’s President Kraig Moodie had this to say about the newly improved unit.

“We are excited about the strides our engineering team made with the Mantis Camera and believe these upgrades greatly enhance the products performance. We are extremely happy to provide our customers with such a quality product.

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The Mantis Camera can assist you or your team perform their field tasks more safely and efficiently. Contact FloWav or one of our trusted partners such as Duncan Parnell for more information.