FloWav PSA-AV Completes Testing at Alden Labs

Sep 22, 2014

FloWav-Testing-Alden Labs

Testing-Alden Labs:   FloWav’s flagship sensor, the PSA-AV or Progressive Spectral Analysis-Area Velocity Sensor was tested by Alden Research Laboratory, Inc. The testing was completed in Alden’s hydraulics testing facility in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Alden’s standard test procedure, QMSM-01 Revision 4, was used for all aspects of the testing.

The sensor under test was installed in Test Line 3 in the Hooper Low Reynolds Number Facility. The Hooper Facility water is provided through a 40″ penstock from the main laboratory pond resulting in a gross gravity head of approximately 28 feet at a maximum flow of 35,000 gpm.

A calibrated Venturi was used to measure flow for Test Line 3.

The testing went well and the results were extremely favorable for the PSA-AV. FloWav is proud to say the sensor tested to an accuracy of +/-2% of reading for the Doppler crystals velocity reading and +/-0.25% full scale, +/-1% of reading from 32 deg. F to 160 def F for the ceramic pressure sensor’s depth readings.  Results you can count on within your systems!

Click here for full procedure: Alden Summary FloWav 101311

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