New Flow Monitoring Equipment From FloWav – 2017

You will be blown away with our new flow monitoring equipment offerings. Stop by our booth, 4719, at WEFTEC to see the latest in technology and innovation!

We live by our Value Statement:  We focus on the one thing we do best: Offering the highest quality flow monitoring and measurement products available to provide our customers with the most accurate data possible.

With that statement we move forward, constantly holding ourselves to the high standard we set.  The results are new, innovative products designed for the rugged environments they will be deployed in, capable of the most accurate data collection in the flow monitoring industry.

We now have in our arsenal four new products. The first is the StingRay, an UltraSonic Sensor that is in pipe or wall mountable with the smallest dead-ban in the industry. Finally, a sensor that can mount in the pipe and still give accurate depth readings.

The second is a portable, Wi-Fi, pole mountable, HD inspection camera called the Mantis.  The Mantis is completely submersible and is the perfect tool for viewing the expensive equipment without putting yourself in harm’s way.  If it can be done from topside, why would you do anything else?

The third is an improvement on our already incredible non-contact surface velocity meter.  The Phaser V2000 will be unveiled during WEFTEC. Come see the exciting changes we made in the Phaser’s technology, making the Phaser V2000 the most advanced, handheld surface velocity sensor in the world!

The fourth is, well frankly a secret!  Let us say, this one will truly blow you away.  You like non-contact?  You like accurate flow data?  You like installs with a product that is flexible and easy to use. Then my friends, you are in for the best surprise you could have.

Come by our booth and see the unbelievable!

The Best Flow Monitoring Equipment Ever Assembled

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