Pipeline Model PSA-AV

Open Channel-Wastewater area velocity sensor

FloWav’s Pipeline Model PSA-AV open channel-wastewater area velocity sensor is a fully integrated area velocity sensor combining proven pressure depth and continuous wave Doppler velocity technologies with new innovative improvements.  The PSA-AV comes with an industry leading ceramic pressure plate along with rugged, project proven Doppler crystals.  These features coupled with a state of the art control board allow the PSA-AV to be a standout in its class.  The PSA-AV produces usable, digital depth and velocity signals allowing it to be utilized in a variety of applications, from SCADA to SSES, SSO and I & I studies when partnered with one of FloWav’s rugged loggers. Confidence in your equipment is essential.  Move forward confidently with FloWav’s suite of flow monitoring products and inspection cameras. For More Information Please Contact: (855)2-FloWav (toll free) SKU: PSA-AV Category: Sensors and Loggers  

Product Description

Pipeline Model PSA-AV Sensor

FloWav’s Open Channel-Wastewater Area Velocity Sensor Key Features
  • Stable pressure depth technology
  • Continuous wave Doppler velocity
  • Progressive spectral analyzer (patent pending)
  • Sensor Level Intelligence (SLI)
  • Integrated wireless communication
  • 100% ceramic piezoresistice crystal construction
  • Sensor level signal processing
  • Minimal power consumption
  • USB communication cables available
Proven Technology with Innovations The Pipeline Model PSA-AV sensor is a fully integrated velocity and depth sensor with innovative sensor level signal processing for improved accuracy and stability. Velocity Sensor The sensor utilizes continuous wave Doppler velocity technology  proven in open channel flow metering for over 25 years. The sensor’s Progressive Spectral Analyzer (PSA – Patent Pending) technology improves quality of signal and accuracy of the readings all while reducing power consumption, Level Sensor The pressure level sensor is 100% piesoresitive,ceramic pressure sensor being used for the first time in sewer flow metering. This feature offers improvements over the previously used technologies through a reinforced structure and provides more durability in the hostile and corrosive sewer environment. The ceramic sensor ensures high linearity across the entire range of measurement and reduces the effect of hysteresis (sensor drift). The sensor-to-water interface is a Teflon protected membrane that doesn’t puncture or foul from debris in the water. Signal Processing in the Sensor The sensor is uniquely designed to process the primary sensor signals virtually from within the signal source. This means all signal processing power is applied to producing the best measurement possible and not for separating “good” signal from noise introduced by a sensor cable. The sensor delivers processed measurements to the logger over industry standard RS-485 serial communication using Modbus Communication Protocol. Fit for Duty The sensor cable is the smallest diameter cable available in the market today.  The smaller cable minimizes the potential for obstructioin of flow and a thinner cable is easier to manage during installation and maintenance. Flow Meter Optional This sensor is capable of being connected directly into many recording telemetry units including the FloWav ShortBoard Models 1000 and 2000 and other SCADA systems. PSA-AV_Specs PSA-AV Open Channel-Wastewater Area Velocity Sensor Quick Start Guide