The Phaser V. 3.0 Non-Contact Surface Velocity Radar

Upgrading our Phaser V. 2000 wasn’t an easy decision or task, after all, the Phaser V2000 is an awesome unit! FloWav engineers took a critical look at the attributes of the V2000, both great and not so great.  Blazing a new trail, they took the great and left the not so great, leading to the most technically advanced Non-Contact Surface Velocity Radar every built!  The Phaser V. 3.0 Non-Contact Surface Velocity Radar comes with technology never before combined with a radar unit, making it the best, easiest to use handheld, portable surface velocity radar ever built. The 3.0 comes standard with too many new features to list however a few are:

Historical Data Capturing GPS – Giving the Phaser V. 3.0 the ability to log location, time and date of each reading

Automatic angle compensation (Cosign Effect)

New and improved, large toouch screen for viewing and operating

Additional operational mechanical buttons (making gloved hands no longer a problem)

Software updates using WIFI or web based connectivity

These features are only a few available with the Phaser V. 3.0.  Please contact a FloWav respresenative to learn more!

Confidence in your equipment is crucial.  Move forward confidently with FloWav’s flow monitoring equipment!


Phaser V. 3.0 Non-Contact Surface Velocity Radar Specifications

Type Hand Held Stationary Radar
Accuracy Plus or Minus 1 unit of measure (+/- 1 MPH or KPH)
Available Frequency K-Band (24,050 MHz to 24,250 MHz)
Operating System Android OS 5.0 or newer
CPU Quad Core Processor
Memory/Hard Drive 8 GB
RAM 1.5 GB


Type Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 5 inches
Resolution 720 x 1280 pixels


WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth v4.0 or newer
USB 3.1 Yes
Camera 8 MP
Sensor Accelerometer
User Controls / Inputs Mechanical and/or Touch Screen with User Interface (UI)
Housing Durable Injection Molded ABS Blend
Color Black
Ambient Operating Temperature Final TBD Once Tested – 4° F – 120° F
Maximum Humidity Final TBD Once Tested – 90% relative humidity at 99°F (37°C) non-condensing
Power 5,100 mAH internal, rechargable power source with 12V DC power cable w/ lighter plug
Minimum Velcoity 0.1 ft./s (0.03 m/s)
Maximum Velocity 43 ft./s (13 m/s)
Standard Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor
Dimensions Fianl TBD
Weight Final TBD

K-Band Horn Antenna

Frequency 24.125 MHz
Beam Width 12 degree
Polorization Circular
Power Density <1 mW/cm2
Power Output 7 mW
Dimensions 5.5″ x 9.625″ x 3.75″
Weight 1.7 lbs

Phaser V. 3.0 Non-Contact Surface Velocity Radar Specification Sheet