RipTide Remote Monitoring Data Logger

RipTide R-1 Remote Logger

The RipTide R-1 is the flagship variant of the RipTide® data logger and RTU family, providing
highly-reliable, direct-to-host data monitoring in a single package, aimed at the utility and
environmental sector.

The RipTide® R1’s flexible device configuration enables the measurement of a variety of analog and
digital signals.  This data is stored internally on non-volatile flash memory with upstream communications provided using an internal 4GX cellular modem. The cellular options provide support for tri-band 4GX option, permitting use on CAT-M1 and NB-IoT networks.

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RipTide Remote Logger I.O. Interfaces

Digital Input – Up to 4x low-current dry-contact binary inputs (non-isolated). Each input supports pulse counting, up to 3Khz (sleep/wake mode dependant), Forward/Reverse/Nett Totalizers with 32-bit rollover           

Analog Input –   Up to 4x inputs, 0–20 mA, 0–2.048V DC or 0–5V DC (user selectable, per channel),
15 bit resolution (non-isolated), 4x user-configurable alarm limits per channel      

System Input –   Internal measurement of Cell Network RSSI, RTU temperature, RTU battery voltage and Session Status 

Switched DC Out –  code Supplies up to 80 mA to power external sensors (24V, 5V or Battery Volts, user selectable)

Serial Comms  1x Modbus Master 3-wire RS232 or 3-wire RS485 user selectable


RipTide Remote Logger Telemetry

4G Cellular – Supports 4G/LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT, B28 (700), B3 (1800), Class 3 output power (+23dBm)

Antenna –  Internal antenna (2dBi Gain) / External SMA female connector, user selectable

SIM Card – 1.8 and 3V UICC (Standard size SIM card)

Data Protocols – DNP3.0 Slave unsolicited / polled mode, FTP data export, FTP image file export

Host Support – True TCP support to DNP host (supports three Master IP addresses)

Security – CHAP or PAP authentication, SIM credentials, configurable username, password and APN, built in IP firewall, 512-Bit AES Encrypted firmware download


Factory Available Sensor Options

XCam – Designed for direct “plug and play” connection to the RipTide Remote Data Logger our XCAM IP68 JPEG Still Image Capture Camera is an outstanding accessory option.

PSA-AVProgressive Spectral Analysis Area Velocity Sensor  – The Pipeline Model PSA-AV is an integrated area velocity flow sensor. It combines proven pressure depth and continuous wave Doppler velocity technologies with innovative sensor level signal processing performed within the sensor. This combination results in vastly improved sensor accuracy and stability.

 StingRay UltraSonic Sensor –  The StingRay Ultrasonic Sensor combines dependable accuracy with durability to form a level sensor that outperforms the competition.  The StingRay is a capable, trustworthy option for the RipTide Data Logger. 

Other Standard Options Include:  single crystal ultrasonic sensors, radar depth sensor, float switches, depth pressure sensors, etc. 


PSA AV Dimensions
PSA AV Dimensions