RipTide Remote Monitoring System

Programmable HD Camera with Wireless Communications

Designed for direct “plug and play” connection to the RipTide Data
Logger, the XCam IP68 JPEG Still Image Capture Camera is an
outstanding option with the RipTide Data Logger. Completely
submersible and equipped with strong LED lighting the XCam
illuminates issues, sends the images directly to our cloud hosted
platform and optionally sends alarms via text, email, etc. Battle storms
and inflow and infiltration with the unfair advantage of knowing what
was previously unseen within your wastewater and storm water
collection systems.

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Product Description

RipTide Remote Monitoring System with XCam 

The XCam is an excellent option for the RipTide data logger and RTU
family, providing highly-reliable, direct-to-host data monitoring in a
single package, aimed at the utility and environmental sector. The
RipTide’s flexible device configuration enables the measurement of a
variety of analog and digital signals. This data is stored internally on
non-volatile flash memory with upstream communications provided
using an internal 4GX cellular modem. The cellular options provide
support for tri-band 4GX option, permitting use on CAT-M1 and NBIoT

RipTide Features

  • Surcharge Alarms
  • Stream Flow & Level Monitoring
  • Long Battery Life
  • Iinternal 4G Modem
  • Remote Device Management

RipTide and XCam – Designed for Rugged Use
Programming features allow for image capture frequency changes
dependent on condition and settings. Utilize the RipTide/XCam
artificial intelligence (AI) features to capture depth readings via
images. Optionally pair FloWav’s other proven sensors with the
RipTide and XCam for the ultimate flow-monitoring device. For many,
seeing is believing and never has it been more possible to see images
of your collected data!


  • Inflow & Infiltration Studies
  • Sewer Flow Metering
  • Irrigation System Monitoring
  • CSO Monitoring
  • Storm Water Applications


RipTide Remote Monitoring System 

Programmable HD Camera with Wireless Communication