ShortBoard 1000 (Direct Connect)

Accurate Flow Monitoring Equipment from the Industry’s Best.

The ShortBoard Model 1000 utilizes the Pipeline Model PSA-AV sensor technology for permanent or portable meter applications. The data from this meter is transmitted to a computer and manually downloaded in the field. Providing accurate flow monitoring equipment sometimes requires options.  SSES, SSO and I & I studies can be completed with accuracy when the Shortboard 1000 is utilized. FloWav’s Shortboard systems are perfect for the varied situations encountered in the basins and systems across the globe. Never compromising, FloWav provides options for the Shortboard 1000 including but not limited to, the use of single or multiple pipeline sensors such as the StingRay UltraSonic Sensor, the PSA-AV Sensor and others.  Having confidence in your equipment is essential.  Move forward confidently with FloWav’s suite of flow monitoring products and inspection cameras.

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Product Description

ShortBoard 1000 (Direct Connect)

FloWav’s Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter The ShortBoard 1000 utilizes the Pipeline Model PSA-AV sensor technology in a complete portable meter form. The data collected is intended to be downloaded onto a laptop computer by field personnel, and options include the use of single or multiple PSA-AV sensors, ultrasonic sensors and extended battery capability. Key Features

  • Lowest cost of ownership area velocity flow meter
  • Most advanced sensor technology available
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible communication platform
  • Lowest power consumption (100mA)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Optional rain gauge


  • I/I Studies
  • Sewer flow metering
  • SSES
  • CSO monitoring
  • NPDES storm water
  • Pump station interface

Simple, Reliable, Proven The compact and lightweight FloWav ShortBoard 1000 Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter combines proven area velocity measurement technology with proven RTU (Recording Telemetry Unit) technology to provide a cost-effective, accurate and reliable way to measure flow in even the harshest open channel flow applications. Advanced Measurement Technology The ShortBoard 1000 comes with the Pipeline PSA-AV sensor, a fully integrated, state-of-the-art area velocity sensor. The Pipeline PSA-AV sensor combines proven continuous wav Doppler measurement technology with the signal processed utilizing state-of-the-art Progressive Spectral Analyzer* technology to provide an accurate, reliable and low power consumption way to measure velocity for most open channel applications. The Pipeline PSA-AV utilizes a proven ceramic pressure depth sensor, which will not deteriorate in the hostile and corrosive sewer environment. The ShortBoard 1000 has the capability to utilize either a second Pipeline PSA sensor or a downward looking ultrasonic sensor for even more capability and flexibility for metering in complex, hydraulic conditions common to open channel flow monitoring installations. Low Power Consumption The ShortBoard 1000 is powered from a single 6-volt lantern battery providing an operating life of six months to three years, depending on sensor configuration, data sampling and download frequency. An extended life battery option is available. Applications The ShortBoard 1000 is ideal for sewer flow metering, I/I studies, sanitary sewer evaluation surveys, combined sewer overflow (CSO) and NPDES storm water monitoring.