StingRay UltraSonic Sensor

FloWav is excited to introduce the StingRay Ultrasonic Sensor. The StingRay is a state of the art, dual crystal open channel sensor made to give you accurate depth data.  Housed within an IP-67 rated enclosure the StingRay is ready for the rugged environments you work in. The equipment you utilize is critical to the success of your SSES, SSO and I & I studies.  FloWav is prepared to be the equipment provider you need to realize that success.  The addition of the StingRay UltraSonic Sensor increases your ability to effectively monitor all types of open channel flows. The StingRay’s ability to be pipe mounted allows for easier, band mounted installations, resulting in faster install times and less time spent in confined spaces. Having confidence in your equipment is essential.  Move forward confidently with FloWav’s suite of flow monitoring products and inspection cameras. For More Information Please Contact: (855)2-FloWav (toll free) SKU: STU-30 Category: Sensors and Loggers

FloWav’s StingRay UltraSonic Sensor

Key Features
  • Measurement Resolution:  0.01 inches (0.25 mm)
  • Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.1% of target range
  • Power Required: 12V DC to 24V DC
  • Span Distance: Plus 5 ft.
Proven Technology with Innovations The StingRay is the only one of its kind.  FloWav introduces an ultrasonic sensor with two transducers allowing for the smallest dead band area of any ultrasonic sensor on the market today. Fit for Duty The StingRay is capable of multiple mounting options, including:  in pipe, on the interior of manholes or to other structures utilizing L type brackets. The StingRay may also be mounted in conjunction with FloWav’s model PSA-AV via our Shortboard models if level redundancy is required. Flow Meter Optional This StingRay is capable of being connected directly into many recording telemetry units, including the FloWav ShortBoard Models 1000 and 2000 and other SCADA systems. StingRay Installation & Operation Guide StingRay Specifications