FW-33 WCL (Wireless Logger)

Wireless Telemetry – Flow Monitoring Projects – FW-33

Wireless Telemetry – Flow Monitoring Projects – FW-33 – FloWav’s Wireless Logger provides real-time monitoring and alarming of instruments and sensors found in the harsh environment of sewers and underground water vaults. Conducting Sewer System Evaluation Surveys, (SSES), Sanitary Sewer Overflow, (SS0) and Infiltration and Inflow, (I & I) studies require equipment that is dependable.  The FW-33 is the perfect choice for all these applications and more. Alarming capabilities to fit your needs coupled with unparalleled quality makes for a system you can depend on.  If you are in need of depth only monitoring or conducting a large total system flow study.  The wireless telemetry needed for all your flow monitoring projects is within the FW-33. Flexibility when it comes to sensor configuration is important if your projects are going to be successful.  The FW-33 can be matched with the PSA-AV, the StingRay Ultrasonic, and other equipment to get the job done. Having confidence in your equipment is essential.  Move forward confidently with FloWav’s suite of flow monitoring products and inspection cameras. For More Information Please Contact: (855)2-FloWav (toll free) SKU: FW-33 WCL Category: Sensors and Loggers

Product Description

FW-33 WCL Wireless Logger

Wireless logger for underground monitoring. Directly Monitor:
  • PSA-AV and other popular open channel flow meters
  • Pressure level sensors
  • Ultrasonic level sensors
  • Water quality sensors and Sondes
Communicate Via:
  • Local connection
  • Cellular
  • Land-line telephone
Powered By:
  • 6V lantern battery
  • External DC
Other Features:
  • Alarm notification
  • Two year battery life
  • Burial antenna option
  • Submersible enclosure
  • Web application software