The FloWav Team Set the Standard

FloWav’s development team was involved in the early design phases of several of the technologies currently available in the open channel and SCADA market today. This gave our team the unique perspective to watch the industry evolve from a primarily sensor driven market to the software and communication driven market it is today.

The flow meter industry has changed dramatically over the past five years. The number of companies that make open channel flow meters has been reduced due to acquisitions of these companies by large, publicly held companies. This has meant fewer options available to a user. In addition, some of the flexibility provided by companies when they are smaller, more customer focused entities does not translate well when integrated into huge corporate conglomerates.

Sewer flow metering technology has had only incrementally improving and changing technology since its inception in the 1980’s. The current industry model of a separate flow meter comprised of a sensor and its own stand alone processor, memory and battery systems, is just a reflection of the way it was developed. From the customer’s perspective, selecting a particular flow meter often meant getting tied to a proprietary software and communication system. Revolutionary technology introduced by Telog in 2005 which enabled the end user to utilize whichever sensor and flow meter technology they preferred, without being forced into a proprietary software and communication system. In addition, it enabled the end user for the first time to utilize several different types of flow meter and sensor technologies on the same project, while having a common software platform (Enterprise).

FloWav builds on this natural evolution of the technology and industry by completely removing the need for the flow meter itself. Current owners of flow metering equipment will still be able to utilize their existing assets even if they invest in FloWav equipment. One of the largest user segments of sewer flow meters are the flow service providers. This group has experienced the reduction of options available for purchase of flow meters reduced through acquisition, and in addition, has had to endure several of the largest suppliers of equipment become flow service providers themselves.