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Sewer – Open Channel- Flow Monitoring – Inspection Equipment

Here at FloWav, we manufacture the best Sewer – Open Channel – Flow Monitoring – Inspection Equipment in the world. Confidence in your equipment is essential.  Move forward with your projects confidently by partnering with FloWav.

FloWav manufactures quality flow monitoring and inspection equipment to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.  Our team was involved in the early design phases of the technologies currently available in the open channel and SCADA market. Being pioneers in the flow monitoring industry gives our team a unique perspective, we have seen the industry evolve from a sensor driven market to the software and communications market it is today.

Flow Meter Industry

The flow meter industry has changed dramatically over the past five years. The number of companies that make open channel flow meters has been reduced due to acquisitions by large, publicly held companies. This means fewer options available to those looking for quality, accurate flow monitors. Additionally, quality service is a must within the flow monitoring industry and far too often that is forgotten.  FloWav is a company dedicated to its customers and driven to provide the best flow monitoring equipment in the world, coupled with service that is second to none. Looking for a partner in this crazy, confusing world of flow metering rather than someone constantly telling you it can’t be done your way?  Look no further, FloWav is here.

Sewer Flow Metering

Sewer flow metering technology has only incrementally improved and changed since its inception in the 1980s. The current industry model, a separate flow meter comprised of a sensor and its own stand alone processor, memory and battery systems, is a reflection of the way it was developed. In the past, a customer selecting a particular flow meter was often tied to using the accompanying proprietary software and communication system. Revolutionary technology introduced by Telog in 2005 has now enabled the end user to choose the sensor and flow meter technology they prefer, without being forced into a proprietary software and communication system. In addition, it has enabled the end user for the first time the ability to utilize different  flow meters and sensor technologies on the same project with a common software platform (Enterprise).

FloWav’s Founding Vision

FloWav builds on the natural evolution of the technology and industry by removing the need for the flow meter itself. Current owners of flow metering equipment will still be able to utilize existing assets when they invest in FloWav equipment. One of the largest user segments of sewer flow meters are flow service providers. This group has experienced the reduction of options available for flow meters through company acquisitions, and has had to endure several large suppliers of equipment become flow service providers themselves. FloWav provides a solution to these problems by offering the highest quality flow monitoring and measurement products available.

FloWav builds on the natural evolution of the technology and industry by completely removing the need for the flow meter itself.

ShortBoard with PSA-AV

Shortboard Monitoring System: The ShortBoard 2000 utilizes the Pipeline Model PSA-AV and StingRay sensor technology in a complete portable meter form.




Area Velocity Sensor: FloWav’s Flagship Sensor the PSA-AV combines state of the art technology with ease of use to provide our customers with the best Area Velocity Sensor available today.  Check out our “Products” page for more.


StingRay UltraSonic Sensor

StingRay UltraSonic Sensor:  FloWav introduces our newest sensor, the StingRay Ultrasonic Sensor. The StingRay is a state of the art sensor with proven and accurate results all housed in an IP 67 rated enclosure.


Mantis Inspection Camera

Mantis Inspection Camera:  Unleash the power of HD video for your equipment or manhole inspections from the safety of the surface. FloWav products are designed with one purpose in mind, giving you the best possible data available with the latest technology available



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