The USA Operations Challenge Team wins 1st Place at IFAT:

The Operations Challenge at IFAT was organized by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and sponsored by KSB, Inc. The U.S. team included Coach Dave Vogel (CH2M, Lanesborough, Mass.) and members Dale Burrow (TRA CReWSers of Dallas, Tex., winner of 5 Division 1 Operations Challenge Championships); Donnie Cagle (Terminal Velocity, of Wake Forest, N.C., winner of 10 Division 1 Operations Challenge Championships); and Steve Motley (Terminal Velocity, of Virginia Beach, Va., winner of 5 Division 1 Operations Challenge Championships).


IFAT –  A World Leader in Water/Wastewater Expositions.

 The IFAT story is one of staggering success. It began in Munich in 1966 and now encompasses the entire world. Visitor numbers have increased from a starting figure of 10,200 to over 136,000 today. More than 3000 exhibitors from across the globe cover the full range of professions in the water, sewage, waste and raw materials industry under the heading:

Today, IFAT in Munich is the world’s leading innovation platform for environmental technologies that includes events in China, India, Turkey, and South Africa. In 2016, IFAT celebrated 50 years of success.

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