FloWav Tech Talk

Wastewater Flow Monitor Installation

Wastewater flow monitor installation can be challenging within the environment of today’s sewers. The FloWav team realizes a picture is worth a thousand words and seeing is believing.The current topics discussed are sewer installation related and highlight the PSA-AV, the StingRay Ultrasonic Sensor and assembly and installation of our scissor jack mounting rings.  2017 will bring new FloWav Tech Talk video sessions which we know will be beneficial to our customers.

FloWav On Site Scissor Jack DemoWatch field service technicians install a scissor jack ring along with FloWav’s PSA-AV and StingRay sensors.  Learn tips and best practices for installation.

Scissor Jack Ring Assembly – Assembling a scissor jack mounting band can be tricky when you are looking at a pile of parts.  See the proper order and method to assemble these rings and the associated sensors you may be using.

Spring Ring Assembly – Learn the techniques needed to install a PSA-AV sensor on a spring ring mounting band.  See proper alignment of sensor and see preferred mounting procedure.